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Recycling for Creative Expression and Innovation

It is never too early to help children develop skills in creativity, innovation and cognitive flexibility. A study from Michigan State University (MSU, 2013) found that childhood participation in arts and crafts leads to innovation, patents, and increases the odds of starting a business as an adult. Fostering creativity encourages out-of-the-box thinking. The study reported that using artistic […]

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Children doing science activities

Teaching STEAM through Literacy

Over the past five to seven years, news feeds on the internet, education blogs and state education policies have featured STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning. Now, early childhood educators are being required to instill a love for these subjects early in life. This isn’t really anything new. It is more of a matter […]

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Connecting the Dots for Real Learning

It’s overwhelming! Shew! There is so much information about education, child development, learning differences, pre-natal care, brain research, technology, parenting advice, and more. Making things even worse is that a lot of this information is contradictory, confusing, or just plain wrong. It makes my head hurt just trying to sort it all out! But as […]

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