Give the Gift of Learning to your Kids: 2013 Edition

Best learning gifts for children ages 3 -8

The holidays are finally here, which means eventful holiday parties, delicious food, and, of course, a neverending to-do list.   Because of this, I wanted to craft our list of the best learning gifts for young children for 2013. Our team of educators and child-development experts hand-selected their pick of the best learning toys and games to encourage learning. Each gift specializes in the essential learning areas for kids, such as cognitive development, critical thinking skills, memorization, inspire imagination, vocabulary enhancement, and, best of all, they are really fun to play with!

Why Should You Focus on Gifts for Learning this Holiday Season?

Numerous studies have shown that offering toys that inspire learning in young children are able to improve upon children’s spatial, memory and other developmental skills. This study from the journal Child Development , for example, reveals that experiences like block building and puzzle play can improve children’s spatial skills and that these skills support complex mathematical problem solving in middle and high school.

All of our gifts suggestions are readily available at the Curiosityville Corner Store, where my team and I personally search for the most effective tools that embrace learning and development for your child.

Here’s our top picks for the best learning toys and games, which features the latest educational gifts for young kids, ages 3-8.

For Ages 3-4

Alphabet Soup Sorters from Learning Resources
This is a great toy which promotes language & literacy in young children and will encourage them to boost their vocabulary.

Best Learning Toys for Young KidsPrimary Science Set by Learning Resources
This kit supports hands-on early science investigations with easy-to-follow activity cards that support learning in science.

Best learning toys for young children

Hohner 6 Piece Rhythm Instrument Set by Hohner Inc.
This toy is fun for the whole family to enjoy and encourages creative expression with music and movement.

Best learning toys for young kids 2013

For Ages 5-6

Qwirkle Board Game from MindWare
Qwirkle is a fun, addictive strategy game for the whole family. This is a great game that will embrace memorization and problem solving skills in young kids.

Learning toys for young kids ages 5-6

Slamwich by Gamewright
This clever card game teaches visual discrimination and sequencing. This game will promote learning and along with 21st century development skills.

Fun Learning toys for young children

Magnetic Poetry Kids Story Maker by Magnetic Poetry
Bring out the natural poet in your children and watch them experiment and try out all kinds of word combinations. This fun game helps build word recognition and phonics to boost children’s reading writing skills.

Best learning games for young children

For Ages 7-8

MindWare KEVA Contraptions from MindWare
In this activity, children use the principles of physics, gravity, and balance to create innovative pathways. This toys helps promote innovative thinking within children as well as planning and organization.

Best learning games for young chldren ages 7 - 8

4M Illusion Science by Toysmith
Little scientists will love learning about optic tricks and activities with this kit. This is a great tool to promote scientific thinking and reasoning.

Best Learning Games for Young Children

If you are interested in finding the best learning gifts for your children, then stop by our Corner Store and find gifts that best suit their interests. If you have any additional gift ideas, then add them in our comments section; I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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