Creative Ways to Celebrate Fathers Day

Father's Day with Young Children

Father’s Day is a special time to honor the many contributions dad makes to  our families – every day.  Research continues to show the unique and special role that dad’s play in the lives of children from a social and emotional perspective. As busy families manage child care dad’s are often taking on more responsibility for day-to-day activities.  The result: more time together!

For this Father’s Day get crafty with kids with these creative gift ideas that will show just how much they appreciate their Dad!

Make a gift and/or card for Dad

Young children can’t really “buy” their father a gift, and he’ll appreciate something they’ve made so much more anyway.  Moms, this one is on you. Help your child draw a picture, write a story, or make a card to give their dad to show their love and appreciation.

Create a photo album or scrapbook

Give Dad an album capturing memories of special moments spent with his kids.  Kids can help decorate and contribute.  You can even include some other little trinkets such as movie ticket stubs in addition to photos that will remind him of his kids or an experience he shared with them.

Coupon book

Are there chores that Dad always has to ask or remind the kids to do?  Are there chores he always does himself that the kids could do?  Have the kids think of coupons to give Dad that he can cash in later to have his chores done for him.  Maybe even include some “because I said so” coupons that Dad can use when only he knows best.  Whether he actually cashes these coupons in or not, this is a good way for kids to show their father they’ve thought about and notice what he does for them every day.

On Father’s Day, keep the surprises coming.  Kids can surprise dad with treats throughout the entire day.  Try these ideas:

Breakfast in bed

Usually we think of this idea for Mother’s Day, but is Dad any less deserving of the royal treatment?  It’ll be a big surprise and a great start to his special day.

Unplug, and play some games

Turn off the TV and put away the phones. Whether you go outdoors or stay indoors, choose games and activities the whole family can enjoy together. This is a day for genuine family time; Dad will appreciate a day spent with his kids without distractions.

Capture the moment

Take pictures or family videos of “Father’s Day 2014”.  This is a gift for “Future Dad” when the kids have all grown up to let him cherish the memories of their childhood.  These pictures or videos can also become great material for Dad to bring out and embarrass his kids as they get older.

Bottom line, spend some time with him

Do something Dad likes to do as a family – it doesn’t matter what it is.  If you ask most fathers what they’d like to do on Father’s Day they’ll first say they’d like spend some time with their kids before they mention a specific activity.  So do something Dad likes, and remind him he’s the best dad in the world.

What other ideas do you have for families celebrating Father’s Day together?  I’d love to hear your great ideas in the comments!

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